Why Sunflowers?

At Carolyn’s memorial service in January, sunflower seed packets were passed out to plant in her memory. Carolyn was a vegetarian and would approve of an edible plant as a symbol. Sunflower seed heads left in the garden also feed birds and other animals and Carolyn was an animal lover. She was tall like a sunflower and used wildflowers in her wedding bouquet. Sunflowers celebrate what is generous and uplifting in the natural world and they seem to sow a little happiness wherever they grow. Children love their sunny faces and Carolyn loved working with children. Plant sunflowers and remember her.

What can you do to help Carolyn’s Causes?

1. Donate

You can donate money to further the work of the non-profit:

Carolyn’s Causes
Nusenda Credit Union
P.O. Box 8530
Albuquerque, NM 87198

2. Volunteer

To volunteer with Carolyn’s Camp, please click here and print an application.

Send completed application to:

Carolyn’s Causes c/o
Kay Thurman

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